Senate District 10
Bob D. Hackett
March 4, 2016
"Lowering the tax burden for all Ohioans while knocking down barriers for small businesses is a strategy that is working to create jobs here in Ohio," said Hackett. "Recent improvements to Ohio's business climate and common sense regulatory reform are making our state an attractive place for companies to do business, which is creating new opportunities for Ohioans to support their families."
February 24, 2016
“Any cancer-related death is a tragedy,” said Hackett. “By raising awareness and increasing support for pancreatic cancer research, we hope to lessen the devastation that this disease causes so many Ohio families.”
February 23, 2016
"I am proud to continue serving the people of Clark, Greene and Madison counties in the Ohio Senate," said Hackett. "I'm grateful for the trust the people of the 74th House District placed in me the last seven years and look forward to using my experience to work alongside my new colleagues in the Senate."
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