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Frank Hoagland
Hoagland Recognizes Strong Leadership to Help Victims of Domestic Violence
October 11, 2018
COLUMBUS—State Senator Frank Hoagland (R-Mingo Junction) today recognized Robin Bozian of Washington County and Ruth Downing of Delaware County for receiving the Croucher Family Award for Leadership by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. They were recognized for their strong leadership in creating a positive change for domestic violence survivors, and raising awareness on how others can get involved to help those in need.

"It was an honor to spend time with these two incredibly passionate and brave women who do so much for the survivors of domestic violence," said Hoagland. "Through their leadership, and many others like them, I am confident we will continue to find new and innovative ways to keep Ohioans safe and help victims regain hope for a brighter future and have a positive outcome as they move forward with their lives."

Robin Bozian serves as the project managing director for Southeastern Ohio Legal Services in Athens. Bozian is responsible for administering numerous grants including a US Department of Justice Legal Assistance to Victims program since 2005 and the Victims of Crime Act grant since 2012, greatly expanding legal services to low income victims in Southeast Ohio.

She has been a driving force in her Washington County community establishing and maintaining services for domestic violence survivors through her service, since 1982, on the board of Eve, Inc. which operates the Washington County emergency shelter, transitional housing, supervised visitation and other supportive programs for domestic violence survivors. Most recently she was instrumental in bringing the national domestic violence lethality assessment program (LAP) to Washington County. 

Ruth Downing has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years and a forensic nurse since 1999, leading a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program for seven years. Downing has been active at the county, state, national and international levels addressing violence in communities. Her work spans domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

She formed Forensic Nursing Network Inc., to broaden the scope of education for health care professionals and mentor forensic nurses in rural areas of Ohio. Through this program, Downing offers a comprehensive training for nurses to become SANE certified. She is a national leader in promoting the understanding of the devastating impact of strangulation on victims of interpersonal violence serving on the advisory team for the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention at the Family Violence Justice Center Alliance in San Diego. 

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network works to advance the principles that all people have the right to an oppression and violence free life; fosters changes in our economic, social and political systems; and brings leadership, expertise and best practices to community programs. For more information, visit
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