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Terry Johnson
Johnson Provides Testimony on Bill Prohibiting Non-Compete Agreements for Physicians
May 5, 2021
COLUMBUS—State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today provided sponsor testimony for Senate Bill 150, which would prohibit an employer of physicians from requiring current or prospective physicians to enter into a non-compete agreement as a condition of employment.
“Let us be clear: this is not only a critical workforce issue, it also goes to the very heart of an individual’s economic freedom under America’s fundamental tenets of free enterprise and capitalism," Johnson said. "When the administrators of hospitals or large group practices have such disproportionate power regarding where and when a physician can practice medicine, not only individual patients but entire communities and regions can suffer the loss of vital medical services. Heavy handed business interests should never be allowed to adversely affect the patient/physician relationship.” 

Non-compete agreements can prohibit physicians from engaging in competition with their previous employer by working in a particular field or geographic area for a specified period of time. This can force physicians to either relocate or shift their work away from their field. Senate Bill 150 would also allow a current or prospective physician employee to sue an employer that has violated the prohibition.
To learn more about Senate Bill 150, click here.
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