Senate District 4
George F. Lang
Lang Introduces Business Fairness Act
March 17, 2021
COLUMBUS - State Senator George Lang (R-West Chester) this week introduced Senate Bill 134, also known as the “Business Fairness Act.”

“Small businesses are essential to our communities, but many were forced to close while big-box store competitors remained open,” said Lang. “This legislation will ensure all businesses are held to the same standard, so that they can continue to operate and thrive in Ohio.”

The legislation aims to give all businesses, both small and large alike, the ability to operate on a level playing field during a state of emergency.

Specifically, it states that a business forced to close or limit operations as a result of a public health order may reopen or continue operating, provided that it can meet the same safety standards put in place for businesses that were deemed essential.

Senate Bill 134 has been referred to the Senate Small Business and Economic Opportunity Committee for consideration.
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