Senate District 4
George F. Lang
Lang Introduces Consumer Protection Bills
February 18, 2021

COLUMBUS— State Senator George Lang (R- West Chester) this week introduced Senate Bill 64 and Senate Bill 71 – both of which seek to protect Ohio consumers.

Senate Bill 64 will protect Ohioans from unscrupulous roofing contractors. Although the vast majority of roofing contractors in Ohio do quality work, roofers from out-of-state will sometimes target vulnerable consumers after a natural disaster or severe storm. Haphazard or incomplete work by these roofers can put a home at risk of further damage.

“Most of the time, a person’s home is their most significant investment and financial asset,” Lang said. “This legislation seeks to put essential consumer protections into place without overburdening roofers.”

This legislation will require contractors to register with the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board and will ensure that essential information is provided to consumers in contracts. Furthermore, consumers will have three business days to cancel a contract after it is signed.

Senate Bill 71 will authorize the implementation of permissive motor fuel quality testing programs in Ohio.

“Contaminated gas can cause serious damage to vehicles, potentially costing thousands of dollars to repair,” Lang said. “However, Ohio is one of just three states that does not currently test for fuel quality. This bipartisan, common-sense legislation will change that.”

This bill would authorize the Ohio Department of Agriculture to establish a uniform motor fuel quality testing program, or would authorize county auditors to implement their own testing programs. Under the bill, when a fuel quality test finds dangerous conditions, the fuel inspector will issue an order to stop selling fuel until it becomes compliant.

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