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Rob McColley
McColley Named Public Official of the Year by Clean Fuels Ohio
October 16, 2018
Senator Rob McColley receiving the 2018 Public Official of the Year Award from Clean Fuels Ohio Executive Director Sam Spofforth (left), and Policy Director Jason Phillips (center).
COLUMBUS—State Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) was recently recognized as the 2018 Public Official of the Year by Clean Fuels Ohio at their annual Midwest Green Fleet Forum and Expo.

“I am very thankful to Clean Fuels Ohio for presenting me with this award. I was pleased to be recognized by an organization that makes such valuable contributions to our state’s transportation sector," said McColley. "Efficient movement of goods and services is vital to the economic health of our state. Our ability to conduct commerce in the 21st century depends on innovation in both transportation technologies and the policies that govern them. This is just one of many areas in which ensuring a business-friendly environment can strongly benefit our state’s growing economy.” 

Clean Fuels Ohio is a statewide nonprofit organization that strives to improve air quality and health, reduce environmental pollution, and strengthen Ohio’s economy by helping businesses, governments, nonprofits and individuals transition to cleaner, domestic fuels and energy-saving vehicles. 

“We are proud to name Senator McColley as our 2018 Public Official of the Year,” said Jason Phillips, Policy Director for Clean Fuels Ohio.  “He has shown tremendous leadership in working with us on a common-sense solution regarding the road tax and we are excited to continue working with him in the Transportation budget coming up in 2019.”
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