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Rob McColley
McColley: Ohio Senate Votes to Cut Government Red Tape and Encourage Job Creation
March 12, 2021
COLUMBUS - State Senators Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) and Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) announced the passage of Senate Bill 9 this week, aimed at cutting burdensome regulatory red tape.

"Overly burdensome regulations are a barrier to policies that promote economic success and job growth in our state. They also affect local government and private institutions alike," said McColley. "I am proud to once again join my Senate colleagues in passing this important legislation, and strongly encourage its swift passage in the Ohio House."

A reintroduction of Senate Bill 1 from the 133rd General Assembly, this legislation will require Ohio's state agencies to reduce the overall number of state regulations by 30 percent over three years. Researchers at the Mercatus Center recently released the 2020 version of their State RegData project, analyzing the regulations of 44 states plus District of Columbia. Ohio ranked in the top five of most restrictive states, with only New York and California having more regulations.
By targeting burdensome regulatory restrictions, Senate Bill 9 would eliminate outdated, unnecessary red tape and bring Ohio's regulatory environment more in line with national averages. If agencies are unable to meet the 30 percent requirement, an agency is able to appeal directly to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review to lower the target.  

"Unnecessary red tape and regulation stifles the potential of Ohio's small businesses, limiting job opportunities for Ohioans," said Roegner. "We have a responsibility to Ohioans to do a deep dive into Ohio's regulations and ensure they do not create needless barriers to growth for our economy."

Senate Bill 9 will now go to the House of Representatives for further consideration.
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