Senate District 1
Rob McColley
McColley Opposes Gas Tax Hike
April 2, 2019
COLUMBUS – State Senator Rob McColley (R–Napoleon) voted against Ohio’s transportation budget bill today, citing deep concerns with the motor fuel tax increase provisions, and their effects on Ohio residents and businesses.

The bill would increase the motor fuel tax by 10.5 cents per gallon beginning this July, and would also increase the state tax on diesel by 19 cents, bringing the total rates to 38.5 cents per gallon and 47 cents per gallon, respectively.

“I have been very consistent in my view that any tax increases must be offset by tax cuts, so that Ohioans do not pay any more for essential government services,” said McColley. “Largely, the people of the 1st Senate district agree, and I promised those constituents that I would only support a gas tax increase if there were offsetting tax cuts. I believe in the importance of doing what we told our constituents we would do, which is why I voted ‘no’ on the transportation budget.”
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