Senate District 1
Rob McColley
McColley Secures Funding for Key Projects
Senate Approves $3.5 Billion Investment in Ohio's Communities
June 2, 2022

COLUMBUS - State Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) ) announced he has secured funding for numerous key projects in the 1st District. McColley obtained more than $6,800,000 in funding for more than four dozen projects in eleven counties.

"The state is committed to investing in communities across Ohio,"said McColley. "We are improving the district's environment, recreational facilities, fine arts, museums, parks, and shelters. These projects will greatly help enhance the quality of life in the 1st District right now and for generations to come."

This is a full list Capital Budget funding for projects secured by McColley:

 Auglaize County

  • St. Marys Theater and Grand Opera House $500,000

  • Cridersville / Legacy Park Shelter House $300,000

  • New Knoxville Splash Pad and Shelter House $110,000

  • Armstrong Air & Space Museum $100,000

  • Wapakoneta Waterpark $50,000

  • Auglaize County Fairgrounds Piehl Family Parking Lot $50,000 

Defiance County

  • Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Camp Libbey $250,000

  • Kingsbury Riverfront Park Rehabilitation Project $150,000

  • Penney Nature Center Improvement Project $50,000

  • Paulding County Park District Boat Launch Improvement $2,500

  • Paulding County Park District Pier $1,000

Fulton County

  • Wauseon Community Social and Recreational Center $350,000

  • Swanton Memorial Park Improvements $100,000

  • Wauseon History Manor Renovation and Reinterpretation $50,000

Hancock County

  • Findlay YMCA Child Development Center for Excellence $1,000,000

  • Litzenberg Memorial Woods Improvement Project $498,000

  • FindlayWomen's Resource Center of Hancock County $100,000

Hardin County

  • Kenton Saulisberry Park at France Lake $100,000

  • Village of Dunkirk Splash Pad $45,000

  • Kenton / Hardin County Armory $45,000

  • Alger Park Upgrades $25,000 

  • Kenton / Hardin County Veterans Memorial Park $20,000

Henry County

  • Henry County Community Event Center $500,000

  • Deshler / Reservoir Park Pathway Pedestrian Bridge $52,000

  • Liberty Center Veterans Memorial Park Accessibility Improvement $42,000

  • Malinta Community Park $20,000

Logan County

  • Indian Lake Maintenance $500,000

  • Lutheran Community Services Building $200,000

  • Bellefontaine Blue Jacket Park $135,000

  • Chippewa Park Shelter House $40,000

Paulding County

  • Antwerp Holly Kobee Memorial Splash Pad $125,000

  • Paulding / Leila McGuire Jeffrey Park Playground $50,000

  • Paulding County Fairgrounds Lighting $25,000

  • Paulding County Park District Floating Pier Addition $10,000

  • Cecil / Paulding County Park District $1,000 

Putnam County

  • Kalida St. Michael Holy Name Ballpark $300,000

  • Ottawa Township / Putnam YMCA $158,000

  • Ottawa Memorial Pool Splash Pad $100,000

  • Leipsic Buckeye Park $75,000 

Van Wert County

  • Middle Point Recreation Center $150,000

  • Van Wert Area Performing Arts Annex Workshop $150,000

  • Convoy Opera House Annex Restoration $31,000 

Williams County

  • Bryan Lincoln Park $200,000 

  • Bryan George Bible Park $50,000

Other Item of Note

  • Eagle Creek Watershed Flood Mitigation $30,000,000

A full list of community projects for the entire state will be available later this week.
The House and Senate approved the Capital Budget on Wednesday. It now goes to the Governor's desk for his signature.
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