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Rob McColley
Senate Passes McColley Bill Expanding Accountability and Legislative Oversight of Health Department Orders
September 23, 2020
COLUMBUS—State Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) announced today the passage of Senate Bill 311, which would establish common-sense limitations on the Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) ability to issue mandatory quarantine or isolation orders during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.
Senate Bill 311 would still allow ODH to issue quarantine and isolation orders to protect Ohioans during times of a pandemic, but the orders would only apply to those who are sick or who have been directly exposed to the disease.
"This bill clarifies what the intent of the legislature has long been as it concerns quarantine and isolation in that quarantine and isolation can only be enforced upon people who have been diagnosed with a contagious illness or who have been directly in contact with someone who has been diagnosed." McColley said. "Further, it installs reasonable checks and balances to ensure one branch of government cannot exercise unfettered control over the state during times of public health emergencies."
Senate Bill 311 also provides additional legislative oversight over ODH quarantine and isolation orders by giving the General Assembly the ability to rescind the orders through the adoption of a concurrent resolution.
To watch Senator McColley's floor speech, click here. For more information about S.B. 311, click here.
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