Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
July 15, 2016
"This is a significant new investment in the local community," said Obhof. "I'm looking forward to seeing these projects progress in the near future."
July 15, 2016
"Ohio is on track to break its record for new business formations," said Obhof. "This is good news, but we need to build on this momentum by continuing to improve the state's business climate."
July 11, 2016
"The fairground's relocation to Harvest Ridge helps to ensure the longterm viability of the Holmes County Fair and reduces facility maintenance costs associated with the flooding problem," said Obhof. "Countless hours have been invested by members of the fair board as well community and business leaders to make this relocation project possible."
July 7, 2016
“Because of the kit testing initiative, prosecutors are finally able to go after these offenders,” said Obhof. “There have been hundreds of indictments because of these efforts.”
July 7, 2016
Since joining the Ohio Senate, I have focused on improving the state’s business climate and setting the stage for economic growth. In recent years we have lowered Ohioans’ tax burden by about $5 billion – among the largest tax cuts in the country. We also passed significant regulatory reforms to help get rid of bureaucratic red tape and regulations that harm small businesses and stand in the way of job creation. I supported performance audits of state agencies, to ensure that your tax dollars are being spent wisely and that government services are provided as efficiently as possible.
July 5, 2016
“Senate Bill 181 is the next step in our ongoing effort to improve Ohio’s corporate law and strengthen the state’s business climate,” said Obhof. “The new law puts an emphasis on freedom of contract and makes Ohio an even more attractive place to do business.”  
June 30, 2016
"This is a big step forward for Ohio’s public records laws," said Obhof, who co-sponsored the bill. "Senate Bill 321 will increase openness and improve transparency by creating a streamlined process for resolving public records disputes."
June 29, 2016
As a state lawmaker and as your representative in Columbus, I have sought to restore the balance envisioned by the Founders. In far too many areas, state and local policies are determined by reference to federal laws. In other cases, Ohio is pushed toward supporting policies because federal money (in reality, your tax money) often has “strings attached.”  In some cases, like the President’s health care law, it is both. 
June 17, 2016
“This is uplifting news for Ohio businesses and families," said Obhof. "I'm pleased to see important improvements to Ohio’s business climate, combined with lower taxes and regulatory reform, are continuing to set our state's economy on the right track. Creating opportunities for Ohioans remains our top priority and we are committed to making Ohio a more attractive place for employers to do business."
June 14, 2016
“The Prior Authorization Reform Act will help ensure that patients receive health care treatment when they need it,” said Obhof. “A faster prior authorization process, with better communication between health insurers and medical providers, will improve patient care and will be more cost-effective for everyone involved.”
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