Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
July 16, 2015
"This legislation ensures that prosecutors have the ability to seek justice for victims when a DNA match is found," said Obhof.
July 15, 2015
"These programs will provide an environment for students to develop life and career skills that will empower them and equip them for success," said Obhof. “I’m glad the legislature was able to provide funding for such an important purpose.”
July 6, 2015
“Current law is ambiguous and fails to define the duties of corporate officers,” Obhof said. “This bill will bring clarity to the corporate code and will set forth the duties and responsibilities of the officers who make important business decisions for Ohio companies.” 
June 27, 2015
"Despite the rain, it is a bright day for this wonderful city as we gather to celebrate another milestone and look ahead to a prosperous future for the Ashland community," said Obhof. "I'd like to thank Mayor Stewart, the Ashland city council and the event organizers whose commitment and determination made this celebration possible."
June 25, 2015
”This budget will keep Ohio on the path to economic growth and job opportunities,” said Obhof. “House Bill 64 lets hard-working Ohioans keep more of their tax dollars, while investing in important areas like education.”
June 24, 2015
"This legislation will help Ohio families save money to pay for disability-related expenses," said Obhof. "This is a way for us to provide additional relief and financial independence to these Ohioans and their families."
June 23, 2015
"This marks another milestone for the Brunswick community," said Senator Obhof. "I would like to commend the mayor, city council and all Brunswick residents on this momentous occasion and wish you all continued success as we turn another page in this city's long history."
June 23, 2015
Senate Bill 54 would require liquid nicotine refill products to be sold in child-resistant packaging. According to 2014 data, U.S. poison control centers receive nearly 200 calls every day related to accidental exposure to liquid nicotine refills, half of which affect children under five. 

”The number of accidental poisonings is increasing,” Obhof said. “Senate Bill 54 is a common-sense solution to this growing problem.”
June 18, 2015
"This budget will help build on the progress Ohio has made in recent years," Obhof said. "This takes a fiscally-responsible approach that makes substantial investments in key priorities like education, while letting Ohio's taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money."
June 8, 2015
"The Senate's budget plan takes a measured, fiscally-responsible approach to many of the issues facing Ohio," said Obhof. "Our goal is to let hardworking Ohioans keep more of their own money, while making targeted investments in education and other important areas."
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