Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
March 25, 2014
State Senator Larry Obhof today announced the Ohio Senate has passed House Bill 261, which would make operational and administrative changes to the Court of Claims.
March 12, 2014
The Ohio Senate today gave approval to the conference committee report on Amended Substitute House Bill 416, which provides four additional calamity days for Ohio schools to use during the 2013-2014 academic year. Many schools have already exhausted their legally allotted number of calamity days due to the unusually harsh winter.
February 26, 2014
Senator Larry Obhof announced the Ohio Senate today approved Senate Bill 243, which seeks to establish a recurring three-day weekend each August in which certain retail items are exempt from sales and use taxation. The initiative is commonly known as a “sales tax holiday,” and is intended to give citizens tax relief during the back-to-school shopping season.
February 4, 2014
MANSFIELD — Ohio Senate Majority Whip Larry Obhof told Richland County Republicans the state legislature is likely to react to the heroin abuse epidemic by supporting a preventive campaign similar to the “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign of the 1980s.
January 29, 2014
COLUMBUS– Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today announced the House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 98. The legislation, which Obhof jointly sponsored with Senator Eric Kearney (D–Cincinnati), seeks to modernize Ohio law by expanding the types of entities that are permitted to serve as statutory agents.
January 23, 2014
COLUMBUS– State Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today praised a new report showing Ohio is ranked seventh out of 50 states for its fiscal condition.
January 14, 2014
COLUMBUS– State Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today announced the Ohio Senate has passed Senate Joint Resolution 6, which seeks to renew the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP). The partnership between SCIP and the Ohio Public Works Commission finances public capital improvements to preserve and improve public infrastructure in communities across Ohio.
January 13, 2014
COLUMBUS–Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) released the following statement on the Governor’s request to hold his annual State of the State Address at the Medina Performing Arts Center in Medina, Ohio on February 24, 2014:
"I am proud that the Governor plans to deliver his State of the State address in Medina,” said Obhof, who also serves as the Senate Majority Whip.  “This is a great opportunity to showcase our community, and I look forward to hosting the Governor and my legislative colleagues as they visit Northeast Ohio.”
January 9, 2014
WOOSTER -- State Sen. Larry Obhof Jr. readily admits he is not an exciting or flashy kind of guy.
When Obhof, a Montville Township Republican who represents the 22nd District, was appointed to the Ohio Senate, he received some helpful advice during his first week. He was told how everyone always tried to hit a home run every single time. Obhof has made it a mission to get a lot of "singles and doubles," because they will "score runs."
January 8, 2014
COLUMBUS– State Senator Larry Obhof (R–Medina) today announced the formation of a statewide youth drug prevention effort in cooperation with Ohio Governor John Kasich and First Lady Karen Kasich.
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