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Kristina D. Roegner
House Passes Roegner Bill Updating Ohio's Complex Knife Laws
December 18, 2020
State Senator Kristina Roegner giving sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 140
State Senator Kristina Roegner visiting with Rick Hinderer in fall 2019

COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) announced today that the Ohio House passed Senate Bill 140, which would update Ohio's complex knife carry and manufacturing laws.
"I am delighted that we were able to get Senate Bill 140 across the finish line. It is a common sense piece of legislation that will allow our Ohio businesses to compete and Ohioans to do their jobs," Roegner said. 
Under current Ohio law, certain types of knives that are legal to carry are illegal to manufacture in Ohio. This puts Ohio businesses at a competitive disadvantage. The bill would change this to allow knife manufacturers in Ohio to better compete with other manufacturers across the country.
"Senate Bill 140 is a critical jobs, manufacturing and criminal justice reform bill for Ohio. From the very beginning Senator Roegner recognized that and took this issue head on," said Todd Rathner, Director of Legislative Affairs for Knife Rights. "It is always great to have a sponsor who is enthusiastic about a bill but Senator Roegner went above and beyond in all regards! It was truly a pleasure to work with her at the capitol to get the job done.”
Senate Bill 140 would also clarify the definition of “deadly weapon” in Ohio law, to ensure that the possession of knives used as tools in everyday life cannot lead to criminal charges. This provision was supported by the ACLU of Ohio, as well as knife groups.

"This legislation offers a common sense solution to Ohio’s unclear and complex knife laws," said Jan Billeb, Executive Director of the American Knife and Tool Institute. "The American Knife and Tool Institute would like to thank Senator Roegner and all legislators who helped get this to the Governor’s desk. Importantly, this bill will also open up new manufacturing and sales opportunities for local Ohio companies protecting Ohio jobs and revenue streams.”

"I am ecstatic for the passage of Senate Bill 140. This bill will enable Rick Hinderer Knives to grow and help not only our community, but also add new jobs for Ohioans as well as clarifying Ohio law regarding the use of an automatic knife. I would like to thank Sen. Roegner for her help and support in getting this extremely important piece of legislation passed," said Rick Hinderer, owner of Hinderer Knives in Wayne County.

The bill will now go to the Governor for consideration.
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