Senate District 27
Kristina D. Roegner
Roegner Announces Creation of New "City of Twinsburg" License Plate
September 23, 2020
COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) today announced the creation of a new Ohio license plate honoring the City of Twinsburg. The plate, which is created through the passage of Senate Bill 163, will be specially designed by the City of Twinsburg to recognize and honor the community’s heritage and history.
“Twinsburg is a tremendous asset to Summit County, and I hope this license plate enables lovely community in residents to display their pride each day as they travel throughout Northeast Ohio,” said Roegner.
The cost of the plate will be an additional $25, $10 of which will cover the additional cost of producing the specialized plates. The remaining $15 will be designated for the City of Twinsburg and used as determined by the city.
"I'd like to thank Councilwoman Jo-Ann McFearin of Twinsburg City Council for reaching out to me requesting this special plate," said Roegner adding, “I look forward to seeing the special Twinsburg license plate as I travel throughout the 27th District in coming months and years.”
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