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Kristina D. Roegner
Roegner Announces Creation of New "Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad" License Plate
September 23, 2020

COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) today announced the creation of a new Ohio license plate honoring the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR). The plate, which is created through the passage of Senate Bill 163, will be specially designed by the Railroad to recognize and honor its history and heritage. 

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is a unique feature in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a key contributor to making the park the unreserved success that it is today.  The rail line began service in 1880, providing transportation for goods, services and people from Cleveland to Canton. The rail line was incorporated in 1972 as a non-profit organization and became known as the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in 1994. 

The Railroad currently operates six locomotives, offering train rides complete with dining options, educational experiences, passenger transportation, and sightseeing opportunities. In total, 97,069 passengers experienced Cuyahoga Valley National Park through the experiences provided by CVSR in 2018, not including an additional 14,140 passengers who participated in their Bike Aboard or Hike Aboard programs and 4,612 students and teachers who participated in their educational programs.  

“The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is one of the many fun ways to explore Ohio’s only National Park,” said Roegner.” This historic train adds character and charm to an already beautiful national park."

The cost of the plate will be an additional $25, $10 of which will cover the additional cost of producing the specialized plates. The remaining $15 will be designated for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

“I hope this new license plate enables Ohioans all across our state to show their pride in and build awareness of one of our state’s most wonderful and unique treasures,” said Roegner. 
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