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Kristina D. Roegner
Roegner Announces Passage of Senate Bill Protecting Free Speech on College Campuses
January 28, 2020

COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) today announced unanimous passage of Senate Bill 40, also known as the FORUM Act, which is aimed at protecting the free speech rights of students, faculty members and guests in public campus areas.
“Free speech is a foundational principle of our American heritage. It’s no coincidence that the founders reference its protection in the very first amendment made to the Constitution,” said Roegner, who co-sponsored the bill.

Senate Bill 40 specifically prohibits state universities in Ohio from taking any action or enforcing any policy that restricts the free expression rights of students, faculty, or invited guests on their campuses. The bill also prohibits state universities from establishing special zones or sections of their campuses where free speech is restricted and requires each institution to adopt a public policy outlining its regulations and expectations of students pertaining to free expression.
“One of the best parts of a quality education is being exposed to all different types of views. I’m proud of my Senate colleagues for acting to protect our First Amendment rights today,” said Roegner.

Senate Bill 40 will now be sent to the House for further consideration.
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