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Kristina D. Roegner
Roegner Applauds Copley Township for Joining Ohio's Checkbook Program
August 26, 2019

COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) today applauded Copley Township's decision to join the Ohio Checkbook.

The Ohio Checkbook is a program administered by the Treasurer of State's office to help increase transparency, making state and local government spending accessible online.
“I am delighted that Copley Township is joining Ohio’s Checkbook," said Roegner. "This is a bold step and a complete commitment to full transparency of how the city is spending taxpayer money.”

Copley Township is the fifth township in Summit County to join Ohio Checkbook. The township’s online checkbook includes nearly 60,000 individual transactions that represent more than $74.3 million in spending from January 2013 through August 2019.

“The Ohio Checkbook allows residents to see how their hard-earned dollars are put to use in their communities," said State Treasurer Robert Sprague. "I'm happy to welcome Copley Township as our newest partner in the effort to achieve greater government transparency." 

To learn more about Ohio's Checkbook click here
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