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Kristina D. Roegner
Senate Passes Roegner Bill Easing Restrictions on Local Homebrewers and Fermenters
May 26, 2021
COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) today announced the passage of bipartisan legislation to ease unnecessary restrictions on Ohioans who make their own beer or wine, exempting them from certain liquor permit laws.

The legislation addresses issues some Ohioans have faced when brewing, serving, or hosting events without a valid liquor license, despite the fact it is done in a personal capacity on private property.

"Many Ohioans enjoy experimenting and brewing their own adult beverages and sharing them with their family and friends," said Roegner, sponsor of Senate Bill 102. "Homebrewing is a hobby and social event that should not be over-regulated by government. I am proud my Senate colleagues have taken this important step to reign in these unnecessary and burdensome restrictions."

Additionally, Senate Bill 102 includes provisions to allow certain liquor permit holders to conduct their own homebrew event.

"This legislation also helps Ohio be more competitive for selection of highly profitable events, like 'Brew Con,' that have the potential to generate over $5 million dollars in local economic activity, $200,000 in tax revenue for the state and $100,000 to local governments," added Roegner.

Advocates of the bill believe that easing these restrictions will help future small business owners make sound decisions before they decide to open their own brewery or vineyard.

During committee hearings, Elmer Steingass, a constituent and volunteer with the American Homebrewers Association, noted that, "Amending the Ohio Liquor Law to codify what is permitted by the federal statute that legalized homebrewing will allow others to make sound decisions on a pro brewing career through feedback they receive from legal Ohio homebrewing competitions and conventions."

For more information on Senate Bill 102, click here.
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