Senate District 27
Kristina D. Roegner
Senate Passes Roegner Bill Improving Efficiency of Building Inspection Disputes
April 6, 2022

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Senate today passes Senate Bill 196, sponsored by State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), to make Ohio’s building inspection process more efficient by allowing for expedited appeals.

Specifically, Senate Bill 196 permits contractors to request an expedited appeals process with the state or local board of building appeals under which the board must hold a hearing on the dispute no later than five business days after the request is made. 

"S.B. 196 will help loosen the shackles of government and provides a workable solution to keep projects on track, on time, on budget and to keep Ohioans working safely," said Roegner.

For more information on Senate Bill 196, click here.
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