Senate District 20
Tim Schaffer
A Letter to Governor Mike DeWine
April 21, 2020
Dear Governor DeWine,
Thank you for working to protect the health of all Ohioans. Your decisive actions have clearly protected and saved many Ohioans’ lives! I know it has not been easy for you to wade into the unknown, but it is nice to see Ohio lead other states and countries in learning how to beat this unknown “enemy.”

I am asking that you develop a methodical plan to safely relax the “Stay at Home” order and get Ohioans back to work and school while exercising known safety protocols, even if in a limited fashion within the framework established by President Trump and the CDC, to protect ourselves and protect the medically vulnerable.

After consulting with infectious disease experts, I also strongly recommend reinforcing our rural public health systems. Their actions can save numerous visits to emergency rooms and subsequent admissions to hospitals, thus pulling a great deal of pressure off of our struggling rural hospitals.

Families are hurting. Businesses are closing. We need to “responsibly restore” business and school operations, thus our economy, as soon as possible as long as lifting the “Stay at Home” order does not result in increasing incidence of COVID-19.

This does not diminish the dangerous nature of COVID-19. It is well known that it is a deadly and very communicable virus. But, with the advice and guidance of Ohio’s leading medical professionals and known safety protocols, Ohioans can get back to work and school.

As part of your safety protocols, the precautions Ohioans are currently exercising -- such as those seen at your daily press briefings -- could be implemented by businesses and institutions going back to work. Ohioans are prepared to do what is necessary to protect each other by using face masks and gloves, practicing social distancing and insulating “at-risk” populations as part of their routines today.

Families are hurting, businesses are closing and students want to be able to finish their academic years. Thank you for your efforts to protect Ohioans and your attention to this matter.


Senator Tim Schaffer
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