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Tim Schaffer
Ohio's Workforce Continues to Prove its Resiliency
A Guest Column by State Senator Tim Schaffer
September 4, 2020
Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions made by generations of American workers. It is also a time to recognize how our workforce rises to the challenge time and time again by being the foundation upon which Ohio's economic turnaround has relied on in recent years.

Labor Day reminds us of the resilience, innovation and determination necessary in our ever-changing and globalized world economy. Our modern American workforce constantly adapts to meet the latest advances in technology and ensure competition is as strong as ever.

In 1890, Ohio led the way by enacting legislation that designated a day to honor the state’s workforce four years before Labor Day became a national holiday. Ever since, we have celebrated the strength and spirit that have become synonymous with the makeup of our state's, and our nation's, workforce.

This year, we have continued to build off that precedent of putting workers first by introducing sweeping regulatory reform and cutting red tape to help lift burdensome regulations on Ohio businesses.

Even in the face of the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, Ohio's workforce is weathering the storm and demonstrating the resilience that makes our state great. Our workforce is second to none because of the hard-working Ohioans who remain steadfast and determined in good times and in bad. I hope that you and your family take time to celebrate, enjoy and remember the contributions of so many this Labor Day weekend.

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