Senate District 20
Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Announces Approval of Funds for Ohio State Park Facilities
May 20, 2019

COLUMBUS—State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) recently announced the release of state capital funds for facility improvements at Cowan Lake State Park, Pike Lake State Park and Hocking State Forest.

The state has approved $650,000.00 to provide investigative, design and construction administration services to make improvements to various water and wastewater treatment systems at these facilities.

These services are critical given that many of the current water and wastewater systems have been in operation for 40 to 50 years and have exceeded their original design life.

Additionally, the Controlling Board approved $15,000,000 for the construction of the new Hocking Hills State Park Lodge, that was destroyed by fire in December 2016. The project will include utilities, on-site water storage for fire suppression, a new full-service dining lodge with guest rooms, conference rooms, and may also include both an indoor and outdoor pool.

"Clean, safe and accessible parks help support local tourism and provide recreational opportunities for families and outdoor enthusiasts," Schaffer said. "I am pleased to see the Controlling Board approval of funds for the maintenance and reconstruction at many of Ohio's crown jewel state parks."

Hocking Hills State Park is the most popular state park in the state of Ohio with millions of visitors every year. The park is among the top ten most popular parks nationally. 

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