Senate District 20
Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Announces Bill Providing Flexibility to Ohio's Wineries, Other Outdoor Refreshment Areas Signed Into Law
October 14, 2020

COLUMBUS—State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) today announced that Governor DeWine  signed House Bill 160 into law, doubling the maximum number of Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas (DORAs) that may be created in a municipality or township. The bill also includes language introduced by Schaffer that removes burdensome regulations from Ohio's small wineries by allowing them to sell pre-packaged food without being subject to regulation by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

"This bill will help these small wineries that have been burdened by overregulation for years," Schaffer said. "More often than not, it's the owners of these small wineries that are greeting you, serving samples and doing just about everything, so this is one less regulation they will have to worry about."

The bill is effective immediately upon the Governors signature. To watch Senator Schaffer's floor speech on House Bill 160, click here.
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