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Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Makes the Case for Early Legislative Priorities Before Senate Committees
February 12, 2021

COLUMBUS—State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) this week gave sponsor testimony on six of his early legislative priorities before the Health, Judiciary, Veterans Affairs and Public Utilities committees.

“I am always proud to sponsor these key pieces of legislation that will have a positive impact in our communities,” said Schaffer. “This new general assembly is an exciting opportunity to fight for the issues that matter most to my constituents, and we are certainly off to a busy start.”

  • Senate Bill 42 - Would establish the Diabetes - Heart Connection Week during the second week of November to help raise awareness of the potentially fatal set of complications from Diabetes on the health of the heart.

  • Senate Bills 38 - Would give a tax credit to police and volunteer firefighters for equipment they purchase.

  • Senate Bill 39 - Also known as Cooper's Law, would preserve investigative documents in cold cases where police are injured or killed.

  • Senate Bill 40 - Levels the playing field between wholesalers and retailers by bringing clarifications to Ohio's Cigarette Sales Act.

  • Senate Bill 41 - Would require those who riot to pay for restitutions for the public and private property they damage or destroy.

  • Senate Concurrent Resolution 1 - Urges Congress to enact the Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Act to cover these veterans' healthcare expenses.

Senator Schaffer's sponsor testimony can be viewed on the Ohio Channel.
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