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Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Speaks at Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association Winter Symposium
Offers Sponsor Testimony on Legislation Aimed at Helping Volunteer Firefighters
March 4, 2020

COLUMBUS—State Senator Tim Schaffer this week addressed Ohio’s fire chiefs and other emergency personnel at the Annual Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association (OFCA) Winter Symposium in Columbus. 

The OFCA Winter Symposium allows firefighters the opportunity to visit the Ohio Statehouse and speak with legislators about the challenges they face. It also serves as an opportunity for fire chiefs to gain additional training and skills to take back to their respective departments.

“It was an honor to speak to some of Ohio’s fire chiefs about the importance of communicating with their legislators,” said Schaffer. “I appreciate the time they took to help legislators better understand the challenges they face and find ways to support them.”

Schaffer gave sponsor testimony this week on Senate Bill 286, his legislation which will create a $500 tax credit to volunteer firefighters for the purchase of safety and firefighting equipment.

“Volunteer firefighters are critical first responders in many small communities around Ohio, and Senate Bill 286 is an important way we can support them as they sacrifice their personal time and funds to protect their fellow Ohioans,” said Schaffer.

To learn more about Senate Bill 286, click here.
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