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Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Tours Bridges with County Engineer Jeremiah Upp, P.E., P.S.
August 26, 2020
COLUMBUS—State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) toured local bridges and a Buckeye Lake flood mitigation project with Fairfield County Engineer Jeremiah Upp, P.E., P.S. this week.

“I want to thank County Engineer Jeremiah Upp and his staff for taking time to show me the great work that they have being doing for Fairfield County,” Schaffer said. “It was fascinating to see the complex work and design behind these vital pieces of infrastructure that keep Fairfield County safely moving forward.”

“County Engineer Upp and his crew take care of hundreds of structures and road miles in Fairfield County,” Schaffer said. “We are so fortunate to have dedicated public servants like these men and women.”

County Engineer Upp said, “As local officials we need to work together with our legislators to help them understand our needs and issues.”

At least one of the bridges Upp and Schaffer inspected is eligible for funding through the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program, which was created by Schaffer through a $120 million amendment in 2013. Located on Christmas Rock Road over Arney Run, the estimated cost to replace the bridge is $372,000. If approved for funding through Schaffer’s Ohio Bridge Partnership Program, the State of Ohio will cover 100% of the cost of replacing the bridge.

By comparison, Upp noted that if the county replaced the bridge through the Ohio Public Works Commission, the state would cover 74% of the project and Fairfield County taxpayers would be responsible for the remaining 26%. Also, if the county pursued federal funds, the project would be delayed several years and the cost of construction would be as high as $620,000 due to delays and federal highway standards mandates.

The Ohio Bridge Partnership Program is a $120 million partnership is between the Ohio Department of Transportation and local governments. These funds go toward the replacement and maintenance of bridges throughout Ohio, Schaffer said.

To learn more about Ohio’s Bridge Partnership Program, click here.
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