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Tim Schaffer
Schaffer Urges Biden To Pursue Energy Independence
Letter Co-signed by 22 Ohio Lawmakers
April 25, 2022
COLUMBUS - State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) has written a letter to President Joe Biden urging the administration to pursue policies ensuring our nation’s energy security. The letter is co-signed by 22 Ohio State Senators and Representatives.
Schaffer emphasized the importance of the oil and natural gas industry to our state and national economies, as well as the urgent need to lower fuel costs for Americans, especially during a time of rapidly increasing inflation. 
"Without hyperbole, the need for abundant, dependable, and affordable energy has never been more important for our state, nation, and world – now and in the future," wrote Schaffer. "The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects that natural gas could provide 34 percent of U.S. primary energy demand in 2050, and the world’s energy use in 2040 will still depend on oil and natural gas. The world needs energy leadership, and the U.S. is positioned to reassume the role."
Schaffer and the other signees pledged to collaborate with the administration on policies that would result in the continued operation of existing oil and natural gas pipelines, the construction of new pipelines, the resumption of consistent, credible federal lease sales, and the immediate preparation of a new five-year program to guide future offshore leasing.
Read the letter here.
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