Senate District 20
Tim Schaffer
October 6, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) today announced the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 217 by the Ohio Senate. The bill, sponsored by Schaffer, will align the Ohio Revised Code with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) guidelines for criminal records checks.
October 6, 2021
COLUMBUS- Today, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed House Bill 291, which designates a portion of State Route 158 in Fairfield County as the "Sgt. Joseph P. Collette Memorial Highway". 
October 4, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) announced today the state's Controlling Board approval of $302,435 for the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Fairfield County Commissioners to establish agricultural easements on farmland in Fairfield County.
September 30, 2021
COLUMBUS- The first meeting of the Ohio Legislative Appalachian Caucus was held on Wednesday, focused on bringing awareness and legislative solutions on issues specific to Ohio's Appalachian counties. Chaired by State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster), the caucus will address broadband access, economic development, road infrastructure, and other issues Ohio's Appalachian communities are facing.
September 24, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) praised the approval of funds for two Fairfield County projects and a third in Franklin County that were accepted by the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) at its monthly meeting earlier this week.
September 23, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) yesterday presented a resolution to the Muskingum University Esports team for capturing two separate Eastern College Athletic Conferences (ECAC) National Championships.
September 23, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) yesterday provided sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 228, which would provide legislative oversight of executive actions on federal unemployment compensation benefits.
September 20, 2021
COLUMBUS-State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) announced today the approval by the state's Controlling Board of over $3 million for various construction projects, buildings, and renovations throughout the 20th Senate District.
September 14, 2021
COLUMBUS- State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) provided sponsor testimony today on Senate Resolution 176, which will urge the United States Congress to protect the natural gas and oil industry from disproportionate tax increases or other punitive measures.
September 9, 2021
Twenty years ago, I remember driving to Columbus for House session on a beautiful September morning. Suddenly, I heard a news report on the radio of a terrible story unfolding in New York City. What f ...
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