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Steve Wilson
2018 Officially Designated as Ohio's Year of the Trails
June 12, 2018
COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) applauded the final passage of his bipartisan legislation to designate 2018 as Ohio's Year of the Trails. The resolution has been touted as a way to encourage additional investment, resources and education around Ohio's trail network.

"This is part of a larger coordinated effort to ensure Ohio's beautiful trails are maintained for all to enjoy for years to come," said Wilson. "While the Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus has already made great strides this year for our trails system, I am confident this designation will reinforce our efforts and keep our momentum moving forward."

One such effort to increase awareness, maintenance and access to Ohio's trails, was the development of a comprehensive online trails portal, which was launched earlier this year. Wilson worked in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to develop the one-stop-shop for local residents to easily locate trails within the state and stay informed of trail events happening across Ohio.

Wilson, alongside Senator Sean O'Brien, serves as co-chair of the Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus, the first caucus of its kind across the nation.

For more information on this legislation, or the Legislative Trails Caucus, please contact Senator Wilson at 614-466-9737 or at
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