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Steve Wilson
Senate Committee Considers Renaming State Routes to Honor Local Vietnam War Heroes
June 26, 2019
COLUMBUS—The Senate Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committee today heard sponsor testimony from State Senators Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) and Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township) on two bills to honor local war heroes who lost their lives during the Vietnam War.

“SFC Conger and SFC Carpenter gave the ultimate sacrifice while proudly serving their country,” said Wilson. “These road designations ensure that both of their legacies live on forever in each of their hometowns.”

Senate Bill 41, sponsored by Senator Wilson, would designate a portion of State Route 63 as the SFC John E. Conger, Jr. Memorial Highway.

SFC Conger was determined to be missing in action on January 27th, 1969 while serving in Vietnam. On the day SFC Conger went missing, his unit, Company A, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Brigade, was conducting a search and destroy mission when they came under fire from enemy machine guns. SFC Conger attempted to take out the enemy machine gun nest when he was reportedly wounded in the shoulder and neck. None of the wounded could be reached as a result of the machine gun fire, and the Army changed his status to presumed dead in 1978.

Senate Bill 106, joint-sponsored by Senators Wilson and Coley, would the name the portion of State Route 122 between the intersection at Wicoff Street (Butler County) and the intersection at Towne Boulevard (Warren County) as the SFC Charles E. Carpenter Memorial Highway.

"One of the big reasons that we name roads in this state is so that young people can see the sign, do a quick search, and then learn about real heroes," said Senator Coley. "Sergeant Carpenter, who was raised in Middletown, has a story that deserves to be shared for generations to come, and I am proud to be here testifying today on behalf of his legacy and his family."

SFC Charles E. Carpenter was on his third tour of duty when he was killed by a small-arms fire during a hostile conflict. Charles was a member of the US Army Special Forces, commonly known as Green Berets, and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart during his service to our country.
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