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Steve Wilson
Senate Passes Bill Preparing Ohio's Workforce to Meet the Demands of 21st Century Economy
April 26, 2017
COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) announced the passage of legislation today aimed at making Ohio's education system more responsive to the workforce demands of the state's 21st century economy.

"I am proud of the improvements this bill makes to Ohio's workforce development system," said Wilson, who co-sponsored the legislation in the Senate. "Strengthening and expanding the relationship between our business and education communities will lead to a stronger and better prepared workforce." 

Senate Bill 3 supports efforts to develop a statewide strategy aimed at preparing the next generation of workers to take on careers in some of Ohio's most in-demand professions.

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and Department of Higher Education, Ohio's major industries would help to create a statewide strategic workforce plan for enhancing project-based learning and develop professional development programs that address how to build authentic, real-world, project-based learning into the curriculum.

As part of an effort to connect future workers and employers, economic development leaders and education officials would be charged with developing meaningful career service opportunities based on regional workforce needs. 

A significant gap exists between the number of workers expected to hold degrees and certifications and the estimated labor force demands over the next ten years. The bill seeks to narrow this gap by strengthening the connection between the state's business and education communities. 

Senate Bill 3 now goes to the House of Representatives for further consideration.
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