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Steve Wilson
Wilson Announces Senate Passage of Legislation Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence
March 8, 2017
COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) today announced the Ohio Senate passage of a bill to help protect domestic violence victims from offenders who avoid service of a protection order and knowingly violate the terms of the order.

"This legislation strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence, preventing offenders from using technicalities to evade and violate protection orders," said Senator Wilson, who co-sponsored the bill in the Senate. 

Sponsored by State Senators Kevin Bacon (R-Minerva Park) and Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville), Senate Bill 7 would allow for prosecution in cases where the offender knowingly violated a protection order but did not receive formal service prior to the violation.

Senate Bill 7 will remedy a problem in current law that was made evident by a recent Ohio Supreme Court decision. In that case, the defendant was convicted of violating a protection order. However, on appeal, the Supreme Court overturned the conviction, ruling that even though the offender was aware of the protection order, he could not be charged with violating the order because he was not formally served by law enforcement prior to breaking into his victim's home. The bill the Senate passed today would ensure that violators of protection orders may be charged if the prosecution can establish that the violator was aware of the order, even if he or she was not yet officially served with the order. 

Senate Bill 7 now goes to the Ohio House of Representatives where it will receive further consideration. 

The Senate also approved legislation today designating September 12th as "Jesse Owen's Day," in honor of four-time, Olympic gold medalist and Ohio State University track and field champion, Jesse Owens.

"As Hitler's oppressive influence spread across Europe, Jesse Owens stood as a symbol for the American principles of freedom and perseverance during the Olympic games in Germany," said Wilson. "Owens' Olympic victory will forever represent the best of our state and nation."
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