Senate District 7
Steve Wilson
Wilson Issues Statement on House Bill 6
July 24, 2020

COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville), Chair of the Senate's Energy and Public Utilities Committee, issued the following statement regarding the Senate's work on House Bill 6 and calling for Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder to resign:

"When House Bill 6 came to the Senate, we recognized serious policy flaws in the legislation and made a strong and sincere commitment to Ohioans to study the issues and put in the needed work to ensure a balanced energy plan that provided both stability and future growth. 
"The Senate delivered on our commitment. We made substantial changes and passed a bill that reduced rates for Ohioans, protected thousands of jobs, provided clean emissions-free energy, and also contained many important accountability measures to protect ratepayers. It was good public policy for the future of energy in our state, I was proud to work on it, and I was pleased when the Governor signed it into law.

"Unfortunately, and much to my great disappointment and disgust, we now know that the Speaker of the Ohio House corrupted the legislative process of this important policy while it was in the House. The magnitude and serious nature of the allegations he faces are extremely disturbing to me. He has breached the trust of Ohioans, and for this, he must resign.

"I remain committed, however, to the policy that the Senate worked on and continues to work on to provide Ohio with a comprehensive energy plan, one that helps our state grow and remain competitive, while providing stability and accountability for all ratepayers."
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