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Dave Burke
Burke Applauds Signing Of $2.62 Billion Capital Budget, Highlights Union County Projects
March 30, 2018

COLUMBUS—State Senator Dave Burke (R-Marysville) today announced that the Governor has signed the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects. In total, Union County received over $1.65 million in funding for a variety of important projects.

"Specifically in our rural communities, many investments were made for our schools, infrastructure and public services, and significant increases in opioid, mental health, and addiction services,” said Burke. “I am pleased with what we have been able to accomplish alongside our local leaders."

“One project I am particularly excited about is the Automotive and Mobility Innovation Center that will be built along the 33 Smart Corridor," said Burke. “This research and development building will serve the people of Union County by providing a space for businesses and agencies to explore automotive and smart mobility technology.”

$1.5 million has been allocated to build this multi-tenant and multi-use building that will house automotive companies, academia, government entities (including state agencies), entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Together they will develop and explore real-world applications for emerging automotive technologies. The project will create economic development which will lead to a stronger tax base and generate new jobs for Marysville and central Ohio.

An additional $50,000 has been allocated for the restoration of the Avalon Uptown Theatre, a significant cultural attraction located in Marysville. Once complete, the facility will serve as a movie theatre, entertainment and community event center that will boost local economy and tourism. Upon re-opening, it is anticipated that 4 to 5 new full-time and multiple part-time jobs will be created.
"I would also like to give special thanks to Representative Dorothy Pelanda for her hard work to secure $100,000 for the Richwood Beach and Shelter House,” added Burke.

This project would include a composting toilet and ADA compliant shelter house with fireplace. This improvement will benefit many of Richwood’s 2,300 residents as well as visitors from surrounding townships who frequent the park and its beach.
The legislature generally approves a Capital Budget every two years with the goal of funding needed improvements to public services and facilities across the state, including schools, roads and bridges, waterways and parks. For a full list of community projects by county, click here.

Supporting Ohio's Schools

  • $600 million will be invested in local school construction, including repairs, renovations and maintenance for primary and secondary facilities.

  • Over $483 million will be invested in projects supporting Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities.

Supporting Ohio's Infrastructure

  • $514 million will go to local infrastructure projects through the Public Works Commission, including local roads, bridges, water-supply systems, storm sewers and wastewater systems. 

  • This includes $100 million to support the Clean Ohio program, which funds the preservation of green space, farmland, open spaces and expanded recreational opportunities.

  • Over $234 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife.

Supporting Ohioans in Need

  • Nearly $222 million will be invested in critical health and human services funding for youth services, developmental disabilities, mental health, addiction treatment and women’s health initiatives, over double the amount spent in the last capital budget.

  • This includes $20 million for new opioid community resiliency projects.

Supporting Ohio's Communities

  • Nearly $150 million will be used for economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance to boost growth and increase opportunities throughout the state, in addition to supporting the healthcare projects above.


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