Senate District 26
Dave Burke
COLUMN: Cutting the Cost of High Quality Vision
A guest column by Senator Dave Burke
June 28, 2019

Many of our friends and neighbors enjoy high quality vision each and every day as a result of prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, this benefit can sometimes come at a great cost. When we are unable to purchase these medical devices, both our safety and quality of life can diminish. From improved visibility when driving a car, to being able to see our kids clearly in their daily activities, clear vision is an important aspect to living a happy and healthy life.

As a result of legislation I supported in 2017, I am proud to announce that beginning July 1, the State of Ohio will eliminate the sales tax on prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. This important change is expected to save those in Ohio's communities nearly $30 million annually.

By making these medical devices more affordable and more accessible, we are boosting the eyesight of many Ohioans—and every aspect of life that it impacts. Good vision is critical to success in the workplace, high quality learning in our schools, and ensures our elderly friends and family continue to have the means to maintain their mobility. I was proud to support this tax cut that will reduce costs and improve the quality of life for many of the families in our community in an impactful way.

Additionally, the change will help make Ohio small businesses who sell eyeglasses and contact lenses more competitive with neighboring states and online retailers who are not required to charge sales tax.

I appreciate the partnership with Ohio's doctors of optometry at the Ohio Optometric Association to help pass this important piece of legislation, and I look forward to seeing its positive impact and implementation this July.

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