Senate District 26
Dave Burke
COLUMN: Strength in Ohio
A Guest Column from State Senator Dave Burke
April 8, 2020
These are certainly challenging times for each and every one of us. While those challenges will be somewhat different for each, the outcome we seek is the same: a return to our normal lives. Over the past couple weeks, I have seen Ohioans come together around a common cause that reminds me why I love our state. I have seen heroes and acts of bravery so common that they almost seem normal.
Each one of us plays a role in slowing the COVID virus and no role is too small. The life we save could be our loved one, neighbor or friend. I put my trust in humanity, both its actions and intelligence, that we will overcome this situation and emerge stronger on the other side. Our health care providers and institutions are actively working to protect and save lives the lives of Ohioans. I find comfort that we have built a strong rainy-day fund to help those in hardship. We have the ability to muster even more should recovery prove long and tenuous. Both our human and fiscal capital will return Ohio promptly to prosperity and we shall weather this storm.
Beyond those facts, we should pray. Our nation was founded upon faith and it remains a source of strength for each of us. The gifts we are given seem even more valuable during these times. We should never forget how blessed we truly are to live in America. In time, I hope history finds us strong and united. I trust that a virus will not define us, but that we will be defined by a call to action, which showed our character and the difference between what could have been and what actually occurred. I’m filled with a sense of pride and not worry when I see the actions of fellow Ohioans. This is our strength and why Ohio will return stronger and more prosperous than before. 
Continue the actions that keep all of us safe. I await the passing of this time and the prompt return to daily activity. Please let my office know if we can be of service and thank you for doing your part to save lives and return Ohio’s families to prosperity.
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