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Dave Burke
RELEASE: Burke Supports Attorney General for Public, Private Partnership to Stop Fraudulent Callers
August 27, 2019
COLUMBUS—State Senator Dave Burke (R-Marysville) is supporting the recent announcement by Attorney General Dave Yost that his office will be partnering with 12 phone service providers to adopt anti-robocall practices as part of a new initiative with all 51 attorney generals across the country.

“This agreement brings phone service providers on board as critical allies in our fight against illegal robocalls,” Yost stated in his announcement. “By adopting these commonsense business practices, service providers will reinforce our ongoing efforts to crack down on this growing nuisance.”

The agreement with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and other service providers will help protect consumers from illegal robocalls and make it easier for attorneys general to investigate and prosecute bad actors.

"Like many Ohioans, I have endured relentless fraudulent calls in both my personal and professional life that have hindered my ability to to serve both my pharmacy patients and my constituents," stated Burke. "Thank you to Attorney General Yost for his leadership to help stop illegal robocalls, and it is my hope that the legislature will follow suit by passing my legislation to stop bad actors from using or replicating a telephone number in deceptive and misleading ways."

Under the agreement, the service providers will work to prevent illegal robocalls by:

- Implementing call-blocking technology at the network level at no cost to customers.
- Providing customers with free, easy-to-use call blocking and labeling tools.
- Implementing technology to verify that calls are coming from a valid source.
- Monitoring their networks for robocall traffic.

Earlier this year, Senator Burke reintroduced Senate Bill 145, which would create the offenses of "theft for conversion of a telephone number or exchange", and "providing misleading caller identification information" in a similar effort to provide relief to Ohioans who are receiving similar calls and to protect those whose phone numbers have been used fraudulently.

The offense generally is a fifth degree felony, but if the victim is an elderly person, disabled adult, active duty service member, or spouse of an active duty service member, the offense is a fourth degree felony.

For more information on Senate Bill 145, or other efforts to stop robocallers, please contact Senator Burke's office at (614) 466-8049 or
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