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William P. Coley, II
Coley Welcomes Kansas Lt. Governor to Discuss Cost Control Strategies with Ohio Grace Commission
February 18, 2016
Kansas Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer testifies before the Grace Commission Thursday

State Senator Bill Coley (R-Liberty Township), co-chairman of the Ohio Grace Commission, welcomed Kansas Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer to testify before members of the Commission today about innovative cost control strategies implemented in Kansas aimed at improving the lives of low-income residents.

Despite perpetually rising welfare expenditures across the country, Kansas taxpayers are saving roughly $50 million annually thanks to new measures to reduce dependance on government assistance and expedite reentry into the workforce.

"While we’re happy that Ohio’s unemployment is at a 40 year low, there are still far too many people who could work and aren’t working for one reason or another," said Coley. "We want to continue our efforts to create a positive business climate where people can find work and thus reduce dependency on the government."

Lawmakers serving on the Ohio Grace Commission are charged with reviewing the state's expenditures and providing recommendations on how the state can lower costs and increase efficiencies.

“I’ve made my life about helping people around the world live better lives, and I’m most proud of the revolutionary transformation we’ve been able to achieve in such a short time in Kansas,” said Colyer, M.D.

Ohio's Grace Commission, established under the most recent two-year state budget, is modeled after a President Ronald Reagan's 1982 Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, led by businessman J. Peter Grace.

The Commission, co-chaired by Senator Coley, is tasked with: finding new efficiencies that can be achieved with legislation, improving managerial accountability and identifying new areas to be studied for potential cost savings.

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