Senate District 4
William P. Coley, II
Statement From State Senator Bill Coley On Passage Of State Budget
June 8, 2011
State Senator Bill Coley (R- Liberty Township) issued the following statement today regarding the Ohio Senate's passage of House Bill 153, the state's operating budget:

"From the outset of this process, legislators knew we would be tasked with closing a multibillion dollar shortfall, and I am pleased we were able to meet this challenge without raising taxes on Ohio families. The status quo in Ohio is no longer acceptable - we need to make a dramatic change in the way we operate this state. We need to create a streamlined, cost-effective government that is adaptable to a quickly-changing environment, and this budget is a good step in that direction.

"Our proposal also lets Ohioans keep more of their hard-earned money by keeping the final phase-in of the historic income tax reduction that was approved in 2005 and eliminating the estate tax. It also prioritizes education by keeping the costs of higher education affordable and guaranteeing that local public school districts will receive at least their current level of state aid during the next two years (excluding federal stimulus funding).

"My colleagues and I were faced with many difficult decisions over the last few months, but I am confident that the budget before us now invests in what truly matters - Ohioans and our communities - and gives us a more stable fiscal foundation for the future."
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