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Matt Dolan
Dolan Announces Approval of Additional Pandemic Funds for Ohio's Local Communities
August 24, 2020

COLUMBUS— State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) today announced the state’s approval of over $175 million in additional funding for COVID-19-related expenses for Ohio’s townships, municipalities,
and counties.

This is the second round of funding provided to Ohio communities through the federal CARES Act for necessary expenses associated with the current public health emergency and will be distributed based on the proportion of Local Government Fund revenue allocated to them in 2019. 

"Many of the organizations that received money today are essential to the successful re-opening of our state and economy," said Dolan. "This funding ensures the members of our communities, who rely upon these services, can continue to safely do so."

Earlier this year the Senate unanimously passed legislation authorizing the distribution of $350 million of federal CARES Act funding to local communities across Ohio for COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses.

In addition to the $175 million for Ohio’s municipalities, the Controlling Board also approved:

  • $31 million for Ohio's Department of Jobs and Family Services to pay publicly funded childcare centers that are choosing to operate with reduced teacher-to-student ratios or class sizes.

  • $89.5 million for the Ohio's Department of Health to continue expanded testing efforts, $5.3 million approved for local health departments for the same efforts and $2.7 million for wraparound services for migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

  • $15.3 million for Educational Service Centers, $1.7 million to Ohio's County Boards of Developmental Disabilities that serve school-aged children and $500k for the State Schools for the Blind and Deaf.

  • $9 million in CARES Act funding to schools, institutions of higher education, and other education-related entities to fund additional hours of childcare needed as a result of the students not physically being at school.

To date, nearly $2.7 billion in CARES Act funding has been approved by the General Assembly to be distributed to Ohio’s communities as they continue to battle and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about the funds approved today can be found here.
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