Senate District 18
John Eklund
Eklund Announces New Grant Opportunities Following Volkswagen Settlement
June 5, 2018

COLUMBUS—State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) recently announced that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed the state's Beneficiary Mitigation Plan with the VW Settlement Trustee on May 31, 2018. They also released the first grant application opportunity and request for proposals earlier this week.

"I am encouraged that these dollars are now available for their intended purpose of improving Ohio's air quality," said Eklund. "Reducing diesel engine emissions is one of the best things we can do in Ohio to achieve that goal."

Lake, Geauga and Portage counties are all considered a Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund first priority.

The Beneficiary Mitigation Plan summarizes how the state of Ohio plans to use the funds allocated to it under the fully executed Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement for State Beneficiaries that took effect on October 2, 2017. 

A total of $15 million is available for grant awards between $50,000 and $2 million, to re-power or replace medium and heavy duty diesel engines and vehicles in 26 Ohio priority counties. Funding will come from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund, and applications must be submitted online by August 3, 2018.

To be added to the Interested Parties list to receive emailed updates, please send your email address and contact information to For more information on eligibility or how to apply, visit

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