Senate District 18
John Eklund
Eklund Promotes Bill Encouraging Community Investment
May 4, 2012
Senator Eklund testifies before a Senate Committee in support of Senate Bill 320.
State Senator John Eklund (R- Munson Township) appeared before the Senate Ways and Means and Economic Development Committee this week to urge support for his bill extending the deadline for the Ohio Enterprise Zone program until October 15, 2013. The program allows local officials to work with businesses in order to encourage investment in their community and create new job opportunities. "In this economy, it is important to utilize every source available to attract and retain jobs," Eklund said. "An extension of the Ohio Enterprise Zone law will help our local communities continue to have the ability to offer incentives to attract employers to Ohio." There are currently more than 350 active enterprise zones in Ohio. Since the program was enacted, more than 237,000 new jobs have been created and more than $50 billion has been invested by participating companies.
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