Senate District 18
John Eklund
Honoring Our Veterans
November 8, 2014

Since 1918, the 11th day of November been set aside to recognize the service and sacrifice made by members of America’s armed forces.  These brave men and women have time and again stood in the pathway of those forces who would do harm to our citizens and challenge our way of life.
The Buckeye State is home to over 900,000 veterans.  My colleagues in the General Assembly and I have made it our priority to honor their service by helping them transition from soldier to citizen.  Part of that transition is appropriately rewarding veterans for the skills they acquired and training they received while in service of our country.  This year we passed legislation to both standardize college credits awarded to veterans for their service and provide a pathway to professional licensure for veterans who have already been trained in the military. 
In addition, we are working with Governor Kasich to provide resources to each of Ohio’s 88 county-level veterans affairs offices.  Here, former service members can find the resources that will give them an edge in finding their next career.
Our efforts are working.  By moving these heroes into stable, well paying careers, we are creating framework for a robust workforce that will drive our state’s economy for years to come.  Today, Ohio has nearly 89,000 vet-owned businesses operating within its borders.
As we do our part to show Ohio’s heroes our gratitude and support, let us never take for granted the blessings of life and liberty that have come through their sacrifice.

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