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John Eklund
Ohio Senate Approves Clarification Measure to Ensure Lower Taxes for Small Businesses, $44 Million More for Schools
October 21, 2015

State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson) announced the passage of a bill which clarifies the small business tax cuts in the state budget bill and includes additional state funding for school districts impacted by the veto of the state's tangible personal property (TPP) supplemental funding in the state budget in June. In total, the legislation will provide an additional $44 million in funding for schools across the state.

This legislation seeks to assist those schools that faced cuts in the TPP supplemental funding in the second year of the FY 2016-17 state budget. Following the line-item veto of provisions related to the reimbursement in the state budget, Senate Bill 208 restores partial funding to affected districts.

“By our action today we add back over $40 million dollars to fund Ohio's local school districts,” according to Senator John Eklund, who was a co-sponsor of the bill.  “It is a fiscally responsible compromise that will help our students and form the basis of further efforts to fulfill our duty to them,” said Eklund. 

The following school districts would receive additional funding under this legislation:

Berkshire Local School District - $272,382
Cardinal Local School District - $63,601
Chardon Local School District - $722,537
Kenston Local School District - $1,133,500
Ledgemont Local School District - $43,496
Newbury Local School District - $131,826
Mentor Exempted Village School District - $1,712,103
Perry Local School District - $358,813
Riverside Local School District - $163,736
Wickliffe City School District - $182,737
Aurora City School District - $361,972
Field Local School District - $47,153
Kent City School District - $580,603

Senate Bill 208 passed the Ohio Senate with a unanimous vote and now goes to the Ohio House of Representatives for further consideration.

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