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John Eklund
Press Release: New Law Helps Ohio Families Access Autism Services
April 14, 2017
Senator Eklund joins state lawmakers at the signing of legislation helping families impacted by autism.

COLUMBUS - On Wednesday, State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) joined Governor John Kasich for a special ceremony as he signed legislation that will bring autism insurance coverage to thousands of Ohio families impacted by autism.

"I am incredibly pleased to celebrate the passage of this autism coverage bill that has been years in the making." said Senator Eklund, who co-sponsored the House Bill 463 in the Senate. "I want to commend my colleagues in the legislature, who joined this effort to provide proper coverage to families impacted by autism." 
The law requires necessary medical treatments, including behavior analysis, be covered for children under the age of 14 who've been diagnosed with autism, helping families who cannot afford treatment.

Ohio is the 45th state to pass a law requiring insurers to cover the treatment of autism for children. The law was officially signed in January, but just took effect last week.

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