Senate District 18
John Eklund
Senate Passes $2.62 Billion Capital Budget, Eklund Highlights Local Projects
March 22, 2018

COLUMBUS - State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) today announced the Senate passage of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects.

In total, Portage, Geauga and Lake counties received over $3.8 million in funding for a wide variety of community projects. 

"There were fewer resources available for community projects this cycle, so we could not address every worthy need," said Eklund. "However, what we were able to do this year represents purposeful steps to making Ohio a greater place to live, work and raise a family."

Examples of projects that have been approved for funds in the 18th Senate District include:

  • The Unionville Tavern Restoration: $185,000 will be used for additional stabilization and rehabilitation efforts to help fully restore the Unionville Tavern, with the goal of adaptively reusing the Tavern as an education, community and events center that will be a self-sustaining non-profit venture.

  • Extended Housing Wellness Center: $200,000 will be used to remodel and update the space into a more modern design with trim, flooring, ceiling tiles and lighting being replaced.

  • University Hospital: The Geauga Medical Center Population Health Services Access Center will receive $900,000 to relocate its women’s health services to this building for additional, more functional, space to render services in a more comprehensive and efficient matter.  They also intend to establish a digestive health center in the building where Geauga County residents can received endoscopy services such as colonoscopy.  Other services that may also relocate to the new facility are expanded wound care and cardiology services.

  • Modrooo Family Farm Renovation: $350,000 has been allocated to this local landmark representing both cultural and historical significance The farm has been an essential part of the community for generations.

For a full list of community projects by county, click here.

Supporting Ohio's Schools

  • $600 million will be invested in local school construction, including repairs, renovations and maintenance for primary and secondary facilities.

  • Over $483 million will be invested in projects supporting Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities.

Supporting Ohio's Infrastructure

  • $514 million will go to local infrastructure projects through the Public Works Commission, including local roads, bridges, water-supply systems, storm sewers and wastewater systems. 

  • This includes $100 million to support the Clean Ohio program, which funds the preservation of green space, farmland, open spaces and expanded recreational opportunities.

  • Over $234 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife.

Supporting Ohioans in Need

  • Nearly $222 million will be invested in critical health and human services funding for youth services, developmental disabilities, mental health, addiction treatment and women’s health initiatives, over double the amount spent in the last capital budget.

  • This includes $20 million for new opioid community resiliency projects.

Supporting Ohio's Communities

  • Nearly $150 million will be used for economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance to boost growth and increase opportunities throughout the state, in addition to supporting the healthcare projects above.

The Capital Budget will now go to the Governor's desk for signing. For more information on the Capital Budget bill process, visit


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