Senate District 18
John Eklund
State Recommends Mentor Public Schools for $1 Million Innovation Grant
February 3, 2016

State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) today applauded Mentor Exempted Village School District on being recommended by the Ohio Department of Education to receive approximately $1 million through the state's Straight A grant program.

Funds awarded to the district will be used to develop an online network aimed at enhancing learning skills, decreasing textbook costs and closing the achievement gap for 7th and 8th grade students. Initially, the project involves a consortium of 12 school districts from diverse communities, intended to provide the most accurate sample of 7th and 8th grade teaching and learning environments statewide. 

"Mentor being recommended to lead this effort only reaffirms what we already know to be true—that our local schools are trendsetters in the ways they are preparing students for careers in the 21st century workplace," said Eklund.

More than 200 school districts submitted applications for funding this year. The recommendations go to the Ohio Controlling Board for final approval on February 22.

Ohio’s Straight A Fund supports initiatives from local educators that promote academic achievement and increase efficiencies. 

Grant applications were reviewed by independent scorers for both fiscal sustainability and to determine if proposals were innovative, had substantial value and lasting impact before being recommended by the governing board.

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich created the Straight A Fund in 2013, and the state budget signed last summer included $30 million for a two-year continuation.

The Straight A Fund Governing Board is comprised of nine members, including the state superintendent of public instruction, four members appointed by the governor, two members appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives and two members appointed by the president of the Senate.

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