Senate District 11
Teresa Fedor
Fedor Announces Passage of Covid-19 Relief Legislation
March 17, 2021

Today, Senator Teresa Fedor (D- Toledo) announced the passage of Senate Bills 108, 109 and 110, which will provide needed financial assistance for communities to address the economic impact of Covid-19.

“Helping the people of Ohio should be the legislature’s top priority, and these bills will do just that,” Fedor said. “Service sector employees work on the front lines for very long hours and often without breaks. Yet, due to the unfair unemployment laws in Ohio, these individuals often fall below the income threshold to qualify for regular unemployment insurance. Assisting these industries to keep people employed will help rebuild our economy and keep people in their homes with food on the table.”

These bills will provide financial support to assist in Covid-19 relief efforts, including:

  • $465 million for rent and utility assistance

  • $150 million for small businesses

  • $112.2 million to reimburse childcare providers related to COVID and encourage retention of the workforce

  • $100 million for restaurants and bars

  • $100 million to reimburse local governments and certain non-profits, including non-profit hospitals, for pandemic related costs

  • $25 million for the lodging industry

  • $20 million for indoor entertainment venues

  • $10 million for new businesses

  • $4.7 million to support local fairs

  • $3 million to support costs of the two veterans homes in Ohio

“The Senate is being proactive in passing these measures to make sure these federal relief dollars are available to provide much-needed assistance to our communities,” Fedor said.This will support our mom-and-pop businesses, veterans who fought for our country and families who are struggling financially.”

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