Senate District 11
Teresa Fedor
Fedor Applauds Passage of Covid-19 Relief Legislation, Including American Rescue Plan Funding
December 8, 2021
Today, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) announced the Senate’s passage of Substitute House Bill 169, which will provide critical Covid-19 relief dollars for education, health departments, workforce incentives, public safety, unemployment and child care.

“Covid-19 is still surging and wreaking havoc on our economy, but this $4.18 billion will go a long way toward assisting our local governments in meeting Ohioans’ needs,” Fedor said. “I would like to thank Democrats in Congress for their work on legislation that provides this much-needed help to children, families and workers here in our state. Ohioans need this support more than ever.”
The bill will provide financial support to assist in Covid-19 relief efforts, including:

•    $2.485 billion for the Department of Education
•    $4 million for higher education incentives
•    $91 million to the Department of Health 
•    $529 million to the Department of Medicaid for the workforce incentive programs
•    $687 million for the Department of Job and Families Services for childcare and unemployment
•    $250 million for the Department of Safety for community violence intervention-first responder program.
•    $142 million for Medicaid services in the Department of Developmental Disabilities
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