Senate District 11
Teresa Fedor
Fedor: In Absence of Federal Action, We Need Ohio Lawmakers to Step Up, Pass Common Sense Gun Reforms
August 8, 2019
This week after President Trump said he’s relying on Congress to agree before doing anything to address gun violence, state Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) called on Ohio lawmakers to take swift action:

“It is clear that the Trump administration isn’t going to do anything meaningful to stop gun violence, so the responsibility to curb violence and save lives falls on state lawmakers. According to the Gun Violence Archives, there have been 255 mass shootings in the US just this year; Dayton and El Paso are only the two most recent tragedies. Our citizens are counting on us to do something and focus on protecting them and preventing of gun violence.

“I urge my colleagues to start by implementing common sense reforms, like red flag and universal background check laws, to prevent further deaths. We need to act now or remove the preemption on local governments so they can take their safety into their own hands. We must have the will to look beyond politics. I am encouraged to see the Governor’s commitment to working on this issue. The time to do something is now.”
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